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How should you work with a Nicki velour fabric?

Nicki velour fabric is a fabric that is well suited for making garments such as jumpers, trousers and jackets. 

Here are some tips on how to work with Nicki velour fabrics:

Sewing: use a universal needle for your sewing machine that is thicker than a stretch needle. Use a zig-zag stitch or an overlock stitch to maintain the stretchiness of the fabric.

Cutting: Use scissors with sharp blades or a cutting board to cut the fabric to avoid uneven edges.

Ironing: Iron the fabric before cutting to remove wrinkles and get a smooth surface. Use a low heat and a damp cloth to iron the fabric and be careful not to over-iron as this can affect the elasticity.

Washing: Nicki velour fabrics is usually machine washable and can be washed in warm or cold water. Use mild detergents and avoid using bleach.

Drying: Dry the fabric in a tumble dryer on low heat or lay it on a clothesline. Avoid direct sunlight and smooth out the fabric before hanging or placing in the dryer to avoid uneven stretching.

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