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  • As a business customer, can I pay Billie on invoice?

    Yes, business customers can pay with Billie on invoice at [name of online shop]. If you do not have the option to pay with Billie, this may be for various reasons. The conditions for purchase on invoice for business customers are set by the provi...

  • Which printing machine do you use?

    With our partner, we offer you the latest and most innovative printing technology for your desired print. All processes are certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and meet the highest industry standards. The Reggiani ON...

  • Which fabric qualities can I print on?

    We currently print on 8 standard fabric qualities. The maximum print width, the material weight and the material composition of the respective fabrics can be found in the table below. You can order samples of the standard qualities here under...

  • How can I have my fabric printed?

    We offer you our Lebenskleidung digital printing service, with which you can have fabric printed individually. As a fashion designer, there are almost no limits to the design of the fabrics. You can find out which fabric qualities we prin...

  • What are your delivery and quality conditions?

    Our terms and conditions for business customers can be found here under this link.

  • What's your MOQ?

    Our MOQ is 0.5 meter. Our staggered prices start as of 3 meters though. In the online shop you can also order in 0.1 metre increments.

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