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  • How can I get certified according to GOTS?

    There's a few things you need to know and beware of when wanting to get certified. This is why we want to directly send you to the GOTS page in order for you to get the best possible information on that topic!

  • Am I allowed to use the GOTS seal for my products?

    No, unfortunately you are not allowed! The use of the GOTS seal is only possible when your business itself is certified. A lot of questions and answers around GOTS and how to use the seal can be found here.

  • Organic Fabrics - what does that mean & how sustainable are your fabrics?

    For us, 'organi'c means above all transparency, trust and clarity. Ecological and social criteria are very important to us and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) supports us in all of that & is a strong partner. Seals are a...

  • Is there a sample overview?

    No, unfortunately not. This is mostly due to the fact that our portfolio is pretty dynamic. We launch two collections a year, so a complete sample package wouldn't make too much sense. However, you can pick individual swatches!

  • Do you send out fabric swatches?

    Yes! Because we know that haptics and color are two important criteria that can only be shown half as well digitally. To order a sample, you first have to find your individual item using the search function or our categories. You then click on t...

  • Do you ship outside of Germany, too?

    Of course we do! We ship all over Europe and even outside of Europe. You can find the table with the shipping costs here. If you cannot find your desired delivery country, please write to us so that we can find the best delivery option together.