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How should you wash fabrics made of wool?

When washing wool fabrics, there are a few things you should keep in mind to preserve the quality of the fabric and protect the wool fibres. 

Here are some tips:

Washing temperature: Wool should be washed at low temperatures, ideally at 30 degrees. This preserves the colour and shape of the fabric and requires fewer chemicals. 

Whether you wash wool by hand or in the wool wash cycle depends on various factors. Both methods can be successful, it is important that you consider the specific properties of the fabric and if necessary do a small wash test before processing.

Hand washing is usually the recommended method for delicate wool fabrics or wool fabrics with special care needs. It allows you to handle and massage the wool carefully to remove dirt and stains without damaging the wool fibres.

If you want to wash wool in the wool wash cycle, make sure the washing machine has a special wool wash cycle that supports a low wash temperature and gentle spin. It is important that you use a wool detergent to protect the wool fibres.

It is also important to remember that wool is a natural fabric and there can be different types of wool that process differently. 

Detergents: Use mild, wool-specific detergents that are specially formulated for delicate fabrics or natural materials. Avoid detergents with bleach or optical brighteners as these can affect the colour of the fabric.

Spin: Spin the fabric at low speed to minimise stress on the fabric and avoid creasing.

Drying: It is best to dry the wool on the line or on a clothes horse. Avoid direct sunlight and smooth the fabric before hanging or placing in the dryer to avoid uneven stretching. Wool should not be placed in the dryer.

Ironing: Do not iron the wool fabric, wool should not be ironed and it is sufficient to pull the fabric smooth.

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